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Mobile Computers & Accessories Issued to Faculty and Staff

Purpose and Scope
The effective use of mobile computers/accessories “equipment” by faculty/staff is essential to college operations. Although not every position requires the use of a mobile computer, many do. To meet this need, with their supervisor’s approval, faculty/staff can be provisioned a CVCC-owned mobile computer and accessories from CVCC’s list of approved mobile computer devices. Each mobile device will include accessories for a primary and secondary workspace. How and where the faculty/staff member uses the equipment is a decision between the faculty/staff member and his/her supervisor.
The Equipment
The mobile computer, the primary production device, will include an integrated keyboard or an attachable mobile keyboard, a carrying case, a power supply, and a Bluetooth headset. With these accessories, the mobile device can be used virtually anywhere e.g., home, office, meeting, on a plane, etc.

Additional accessories:
  • A dock and a power supply. The dock provides additional connectivity for the mobile computer including wired network connection, video, sound, and USB. The dock will be used at the faculty/staff member’s primary workspace. It is important to note the primary and secondary workspaces can change.
  • Two (2) monitors. Both monitors can be connected to the dock at the faculty/staff member’s primary workspace. Or one monitor can be connected to the dock at the faculty/staff member’s primary workspace and the other at the faculty/staff member’s secondary workspace.
  • A cable to directly connect one of the monitors to the mobile computer. This cable will be used for faculty/staff that choose a second monitor at their secondary workspace.
  • A USB hub. The USB hub will be used to provide additional USB ports at the faculty/staff member’s secondary workspace.
Fiscal responsibility for accessories beyond the ones listed above are the responsibility of the department and/or the faculty/staff member.
Responsibility for the Equipment
  • IT Department responsibilities:
    • Provision of the equipment.
    • Support the faculty/staff member in use of the equipment.
    • Replace the equipment in accordance with the replacement cycle.
  • Faculty/Staff member’s responsibility:
    • Use the equipment in compliance with all VCCS Standards.
      • 6.2 Mobile Devices and Teleworking
      • 8.1 Asset Management

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