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Faculty and Staff IT Equipment Policy that Enables a Sustainable and Mobile Workforce


This policy reduces Central Virginia Community College's (CVCC's) carbon footprint. Additionally, it enables CVCC to provide service to our community when the unexpected happens by quickly transitioning to a mobile workforce.


Faculty and staff members, whose positions warrant a dedicated computer, will be issued CVCC-owned Windows-based mobile computer and accessories. Each Windows-based mobile device will include accessories for a primary and secondary workspace. The division or department supervisor will determine how and where the faculty/staff member is authorized to use the equipment. CVCC will also reduce its carbon footprint by, whenever possible, using electronic materials and eliminating printed materials for in-person and virtual meetings at which the attendees are limited to CVCC faculty and staff.

Exception Request:

Faculty and staff actively involved in teaching and learning in areas where a non-Windows is required can request a non-Windows device from IT through their division supervisor. The request must include a compelling reason why a non-Windows-based computer is required. Denied requests can be appealed to the Education, E-Learning, and Information Technology (E2IT) Committee by the responsible supervisor.


CVCC Windows-based mobile computers provided to faculty and staff will include an integrated keyboard or an attachable mobile keyboard, a carrying case, a power supply, and a Bluetooth headset. Additional accessories to be provided:

  • a single dock and a power supply for additional mobile computer connectivity, including wired network connection, video, sound, and USB. The dock will be used at the faculty/staff member's primary workspace. It is essential to note that the primary and secondary workspaces can change.
  • Two (2) monitors to connect to the dock at the faculty/staff member's primary workspace. Alternatively, one monitor can be connected to the dock at the faculty/staff member's primary workspace and the other at the faculty/staff member's secondary workspace.
  • Cables will be provided to connect the monitors to the mobile computer. This (these) cable (cables) can also be used for faculty/staff that choose a second monitor at their secondary workspace.
  • A USB hub will be provided for additional USB port availability at the faculty/staff member's primary or secondary workspace.

Fiscal responsibility for accessories beyond the ones listed above is the department's responsibility or the faculty/staff member.

Responsibility for the Equipment:
  • IT Department responsibilities:
    • Provide the equipment.
    • Support the faculty/staff member using the equipment.
    • Repair/replace defective or malfunctioning equipment.
    • Replace the equipment in accordance with the replacement cycle.
  • Faculty/Staff member’s responsibility:
    • Use the equipment in compliance with all VCCS Standards, including:
      • 6.2 Mobile Devices and Teleworking (attached)
      • 8.1 Asset Management (attached)
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