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Professional Development


CVCC has struggled for many years to find an effective way to utilize Professional Development funds.  Distributing funds equally has not proven to be the best way to provide the greatest benefit to the College.  In fact, during 2015-16, only 35 individuals requested Professional Development funds.  Recognizing the ineffectiveness of the current system, Dr. Capps invited Abby Stonerock, VCCS Director of Faculty Development, to campus to lead a discussion about Professional Development policy.  That discussion established that colleges with successful professional development programs do not use equal distribution of funds and focus on the institutional instead of individual benefits in crafting Professional Development Policy.  As a result of this discussion, Dr. Capps formed a Task Force to create a new plan.

The Task Force of ten individuals, representing all constituency groups, began by defining the mission and definition of professional development for CVCC.  The group met 2-3 hours weekly and completed assignments outside of meetings during the entire fall 2016 semester.  They proceeded in a methodical way, taking the following steps:

  • Wrote and administered two surveys to determine professional development needs and satisfaction with the current program
  • Benchmarked all colleges in the VCCS and several institutions outside of the VCCS
  • Conducted a SWOT and Gap Analysis
  • Wrote a plan of Professional Development activities aligned with the Completion by Design model
  • Developed a comprehensive Professional Development Plan
  • Allocated percentages of the Budget

The research conducted by the Task Force indicated a need for the following steps to be taken:

  • Hiring a Coordinator of Professional Development that will be responsible for managing the Professional Development Plan and communicating the offerings
  • Revamping the New Employee Orientation Programs to include:
    • Student Success (Dean of Student Success Office)
    • Institutional Equity (Dean of Institutional Effectiveness office)
    • Policies and Procedures (HR office, Campus Police office, others as deemed necessary)
    • Human Resources Services for CVCC Employees (HR Office)
    • Campus Tours
  • Providing a comprehensive on-campus training program
  • Including a wider group of employees
  • Providing certainty in the approval of funding requests

Every effort was made to address these items in the development of this plan. 

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