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Part-time Professional Development Achievement Award

Funding Source: Professional Development, Departmental Budgets, Foundation Grants, OER grants

Percentage of Budget: 20%

Completion by Design Category: Progress

Eligible Groups: All employees

Goal: To ensure that employees remain current on issues affecting the College and the employee's role in it.  To ensure that employees stay current on best practices within the employee's discipline or position. 

Description: The Coordinator of Professional Development will plan regular professional development sessions with host speakers and/or workshops facilitated by people who are not CVCC employees.  These sessions will be planned in advance and placed on the Professional Development Calendar.  An effort will be made to offer duplicate sessions or to record sessions to facilitate access to all employees.  The sessions will be promoted via fliers, website, and emails and will be placed on the professional development calendar each semester.  Topics for these sessions should originate with the annual Professional Development Survey.  An individual or constituency group may submit topics and suggested speakers to the Coordinator of Professional Development. 

Obtaining Funding: The coordinator of Professional Development will manage the budget for these sessions.  Individuals will preregister for participation. 

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