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Professional Organization Memberships

Funding Source: Professional Development 

Percentage of Budget: 4%

Completion by Design Category: Progress

Eligible Groups: Faculty, classified staff, and part-time staff (must have supervisor approval including confirmation of available hours).

Goal: To ensure that employees remain current on issues affecting the College and the employee's role in it.  To ensure that employees stay current on best practices within the employee's discipline or position. 

Description: Funds are made available to support individual faculty members and eligible staff in covering the costs of membership fees for professional organizations related to their job responsibilities. 

Obtaining Funding:

Funds awarded for professional memberships will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis until available funds are depleted.  A maximum of $250 will be awarded to each applicant.  Applicants should submit a Professional Membership Request Form to the Coordinator of Professional Development.  Approved requests will be forwarded to the Vice President of Financial and Administrative Services for final approval and processing.  The Coordinator of Professional Development will notify the applicant of the outcome.  Applicants receiving approval must submit required documentation to the Accounting Department. 

See the Schedule for Funding Requests for information about application dates, notification dates, and deadlines for submission of documentation to the Accounting Department. 

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