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Coordinator of Professional Development

A Coordinator of Professional Development will be employed a minimum of 240 hours, or 6 credit hours, per each of fall and spring semesters and summer term.  The Coordinator of Professional Development will serve a 3-year renewable term, subject to annual review, and will be responsible for the following duties:

  • Serve as a permanent member of the Professional Development Policy Committee.
  • Work with the Professional Development Policy Committee and Office of Institutional Effectiveness to administer and analyze an annual professional development needs survey. 
  • Work with leaders of constituency groups to create and maintain an annual calendar of Professional Development Activities.
  • Coordinate scheduling of speakers for Professional Development Activities. 
  • Market professional development activities to promote attendance and participation.
  • Process applications for teaching squares and facilitate teaching square formation and scheduling. 
  • Serve as liaison to Workforce Solutions to determine needed Continuing Education Course Offerings, obtain instructors, and determine fees for CEU courses. 
  • Receive requests for competitive Professional Development Funding.  Utilize teams of Professional Development Policy Committee members to review requests and determine the awardees.  Inform applicants of the outcome of requests. 
  • Assist employees in writing Professional Development mini-grants and locating additional forms of Professional Development funding.
  • Keeps record of the Professional Development budget and works with the Professional Development Committee to adjust budget allocations as necessary. 
  • Regularly contact and collaborate with other community colleges and the VCCS to obtain ideas for professional development and offer joint programming.
  • Obtain gifts for speakers. 
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