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Funding for Professional Development

There are multiple funding sources for Professional Development activities.  Individuals seeking to obtain funding may explore numerous options and utilize funding from multiple sources for expenses resulting from a single activity.  Funding is available from but not limited to the following sources: 

CVCC Professional Development Budget - Professional Development funding is included in the annual CVCC Budget.  The Coordinator of Professional Development in conjunction with the Professional Development Policy Committee will determine the allocation of funds based on the Professional Development Plan.  Different activities require different application processes.  Please refer to the appropriate section of the Professional Development Plan to determine the steps required to obtain specific types of funding.  Examples: conferences, including VCCA and Black Concerns, workshops, off-campus training, non-mandatory credentials, educational tuition assistance, and professional organization memberships.  The Coordinator or Professional Development will try either to spend unencumbered monies or will send a request to the Vice-President of Finance and Administration to carryover the funds to the next fiscal year.  No individual may receive more than five percent (5%) of the total Professional Development Budget in a given academic year, but may obtain funding from different categories.

CVCC Developmental Budgets - Each department or division is allocated a portion of the annual CVCC budget.  Individuals may submit requests for funding to their Division Deans and supervisors.  Examples: travel expenses, mandatory credentials, training related directly to curriculum development or departmental responsibilities (SACSCOC), and VCCS mandatory meetings.

CVCC Educational Foundation -  The CVCC Education Foundation offers Faculty and Staff grants ranging in value from $250-$2000.  The purpose is for employees to be creative in their approach to improving the student experience and to advance the mission of the college.  See the section in this plan relating to Faculty and Staff Foundation Grant for information on application. 

VCCS - The VCCS sponsors numerous Professional Development activities such as Peer Group Conferences, First Year and Adjunct Faculty Institute, and New Horizons.  These events require the participant to preregister with the VCCS and complete a travel request.  Most require the participant to make hotel reservations in the conference hotel.  Hotel fees are master billed to the VCCS.  Employees who share a room are entitled to two nights' coverage (one night per employee).  For New Horizons, the College pays the registration fees from a General Account.  There are no registration fees for Peer Group Conferences, Regional Centers for Teaching Excellence, and the First Year and Adjunct Faculty Institute.  Participants may request mileage from department budgets. 

VCCS Paul Lee Professional Development Grant - As a faculty professional development is essential for faculty and student learning, awards for new and on-going professional development are available to all VCCS community college faculty and staff.  Opportunities for professional development grants include the following:

  • Discipline development - builds knowledge and skills within the academic discipline or professional specialty.  
  • Instructional development - improves classroom teaching, learning, and assessment techniques.  
  • Career development - provides tools for effective personal planning to improve the quality of work and life.
  • Organizational development - enhance administrative and leadership skills to fulfill the institutional mission of the community college. 

See the website for detailed information about the application and award process:

VCCS Professional Development and Growth - VCCA administers a grant program that is open to VCCA members.  The proposed program must be designed to promote the community college mission within the Commonwealth and be open to all colleges in the VCCS.  Examples: travel, meals, lodging for keynote speakers, and meeting room charges.  For more detailed information see the website:

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