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Regional Center for Teaching Excellence

Funding Source: VCCS

Completion by Design Category: Progress

Eligible Groups: Faculty, classified staff, and part-time staff (must have supervisor approval including confirmation of available hours). 

Goal: To ensure that employees remain current on best practices within employee's discipline or position.


The Virginia Community College System includes five Regional Centers for Teaching Excellence (RCTE).  The centers aim to offer professional development sessions that address the teaching, learning, and technology education needs of faculty; to promote interdisciplinary knowledge and resource sharing on topics of regional and system-wide importance; and to foster innovative teaching, learning, and student success practices via education and training opportunities as needed, on-demand.

Our region is the CENTRAL REGION, which consists of the following colleges: Blue Ridge Community College, Central Virginia Community College, Danville Community College, Dabney S. Lancaster Community College, Patrick Henry Community College, and Virginia Western Community College.  

At least three workshops per semester are held for the region at any of the colleges listed above.

RCTE provides a forum for dialogue and reflection on the art and practice of teaching by focusing on four themes:

  • Learning
  • Teaching
  • Self-Development
  • Innovation

RCTE embrace the following principles:

  • Providing a forum for cross-institutional professional interaction
  • Modeling co-learner environments
  • Discovering the art of teaching as a developmental process
  • Cultivating a community of reflective practitioners
  • Building collective ethical wisdom
  • Advancing instructional methods through experimentation and innovation
  • Fostering cross-discipline collegiality and collaboration
  • Recognizing and celebrating diversity

These workshops are planned at least a semester in advance and will be placed on the CVCC Professional Development Calendar.

Obtaining Funding:

The funds for these workshops are provided by the VCCS Professional Development Department. Therefore, there are no registration fees.  If the workshop is held at another college, the CVCC vehicle should be requested for transportation.  Meals are at the participant's own expense.  Usually, some small snacks are included. 

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