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VCCS Peer Group Conferences

Funding Source: VCCS and Department budgets

Completion by Design Category: Progress

Eligible Groups: Faculty, classified staff, and part-time staff (must have supervisor approval including confirmation of available hours)

Goal:  To ensure that employees remain current on issues affecting the College and the employee's role in it.  To ensure that employees stay current on best practices within the employee's discipline or position. 


The award-winning Peer Group program for Virginia's Community Colleges encourages collaboration, creativity, problem-solving, planning, forecasting, learning, and networking in the VCCS. 

A peer group is a natural association of twelve (12) or more faculty or staff members by discipline, position or special interest.  Each peer group will have the opportunity to meet every other year to discuss substantive issues related to curriculum revision, technology, instructional innovations, and discipline updates.  Peer group meetings are organized by a planning committee comprised of individuals in the discipline or peer group.  Peer group/discipline meetings provide an opportunity for faculty to learn from each other and enhance the success of their students and colleges.

Obtaining Funding:

Employees wishing to attend a VCCS Peer Group Conference should submit a Travel Request Form to their academic dean or supervisor. 

Employees are responsible for completing the VCCS Peer Group Conference registration and for making hotel reservations as needed.  Standard policy is that room charges, lunch, and breakfast will be master-billed.  For groups meeting every other year, the Professional Development department of the VCCS will cover rooms at 100% for individuals traveling fifty (50) or more miles to attend and will also cover accommodations for the previous night (Wednesday) for those traveling 200 or more miles.  For groups that meet every year, the VCCS will cover 50% of the participant's hotel cost.  Participants are encouraged to share a room so that their hotel is covered in full.  Non-conference meals are at the participant's own expense.  Employees are encouraged to utilize the College vehicles.  Mileage reimbursement may be requested from department budgets if funds are available.  State travel guidelines apply. 

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