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eSignature Procedures, Guidelines, and Templates


Approved systems for internal and external eSignatures


Central Virginia Community College (CVCC) is authorized to utilize electronic signatures for conducting business and educational matters under the Virginia Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (Code of Virginia §59.1-479, et seq.)

Internal Signatures:

Employees needing to send internal documents for eSignature have the following no-cost options:

  1. Adobe or Microsoft Office: Both Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Office products include eSignature capabilities. When using these for eSignatures, users must ensure the document is returned using their email address. The email and the electronically signed attachment should be saved digitally.
  2. Hyland Perceptive Content: Hyland Perceptive Content is the VCCS Enterprise Document Management System that includes eSignature functionality. Users must have the program installed on their computer. To get access to or support for Hyland Perceptive Content, contact the IT Help Desk.
External Signatures:

eSignatures from or to external parties (individuals who do not have CVCC/VCCS credentials) must be acquired using AssureSign. CVCC approves of the use of the AssureSign digital signature tool and grants users access to the software. Please note that access to the AssureSign system is restricted because there is a fee for its use.

Employees must use AssureSign for external signatures and may also use it for internal signatures. The charge for the use of AssureSign will be recovered from departmental budgets.

Instructions for utilizing Adobe Acrobat and AssureSign software for eSignatures can be accessed using the links below:



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