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Vendor Payments

All payments are made in accordance with Commonwealth Policies and Procedures specified in CAPP Manual section 20310 – Expenditures and section 20315 – Prompt Pay.

Upon receipt in the Accounting Office, all invoices are date stamped. The Accounts Payable Officer checks AIS to see if any of the invoices have been paid. Invoices that have been paid are disregarded. Copies are made of invoices not paid, and the copies are sent to the Procurement Office to match with the purchase order. The original invoices are noted as to when the copy was sent to Procurement. Once Procurement has matched an invoice to a purchase order and the order is ready for payment, the purchase order and invoice are sent to Accounts Payable. Accounts Payable pulls the original invoice to match with the purchase order and notes when the order was received for payment.

Once the original invoices have been pulled and matched to the orders, the invoices are reviewed against the purchase orders before payment is made. Once verified, the invoices are vouchered and coded for payment. The purchase orders are noted with the payment information and sent back to Procurement. The vouchers are assigned voucher numbers, assembled into a batch, and voucher totals calculated for keying into AIS.  Any vouchers which require back-up to be submitted with payment are processed as an “X” batch.  These batches will initiate the check to be forwarded back to CVCC for submission to the vendor with supporting documentation.  The Accounts Payable Officer maintains a log of all “X” batches by date, voucher number, vendor, check amount, date, date received, and the check mailed date.  Checks are received in the Accounting Office by the Accounts Payable Officer.  The Accounts Payable Officer mails the check with appropriate back-up to the vendor and records date she received check from amount, and date mailed in the “X” batch log. Any discrepancy between the batch control total and voucher amount total is automatically rejected by AIS and further processing in the system is disabled until totals agree. The batch control total is entered, along with each individual voucher amount in AIS (Voucher numbers are maintained on an Excel spreadsheet for all payments processed.)

After processing, batches are held until the following business day to be matched with A/P Daily Diagnostics Report, Daily Diagnostic Posted to G/L Report, and Transmittal Listing.  Account numbers, amounts, vendor name, addresses, invoice date, invoice number, and due date are reviewed by the Accounts Payable officer and necessary corrections are noted and recorded.  The entire batch package (header, voucher batch control, voucher copy and reports) is forwarded to the Business Manager for review and approval.  Approved batches and final accounting documents are filed in the Accounting Office

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