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Contract administration begins after award of the contract. Its purpose is to assure that the contractors and agency's total performance is in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contractual agreement. Contract administration includes all actions taken by the state relative to a specific contract after the award is made. Each agency in its implementing procedures shall insure that effective contract administration is included.


Each year the President designates a limited number of individuals to serve as Contracting Officers who are authorized to sign contracts for the College. No other employees may sign contracts or enter into contract agreements on behalf of the College. Contracting Officers are responsible for reviewing contracts prior to signing. Questions regarding the specifics of a contract should be referred to the Vice President for Finance and Administration prior to the contract being signed.

Contracts that require a legal review must be submitted through the Vice President for Finance and Administration, who will coordinate with the Virginia Community College System Council, or the Office of the Attorney General as appropriate. Contracting Officers are not responsible for the day-to-day administration of a contract unless they have been designated as the Contract Administrator.


The Contract Administrator should be the end user of the contract or other College personnel who otherwise has responsibility for the contract. This individual will be responsible for the proper adherence to all contract specifications by the contractor. The Vice President for Finance and Administration or the Purchasing Officer, as appropriate, will designate the Contract Administrator in writing.

The Contract Administrator's responsibilities may include

  • Day-to-day coordination of the delivery of services;
  • Assurance that services are delivered in accordance with the contract terms and conditions;
  • Obtaining and providing job estimates and verifying labor hours and classifications if required;
  • Certifying receipts of services billed were delivered in accordance with the contract terms and conditions;
  • Prompt reporting of delivery failures or contractor performance problems to the Contracting Officer;
  • Initiating a "Complaint to State Vendor" form if required;
  • Assuring that the contract amount is not exceeded without proper authorization from the Contracting Officer;
  • Assuring that the contract terms and conditions are not extended, increased, decreased, or modified in any way without action through the Contracting Officer;
  • Coordinating contract "start-up" activities with appropriate agency personnel (Facilities Management, Business Office, Security, etc.);
  • Recommending solutions to the Contracting Officer if performance problems or contract issues persist;
  • Initiating necessary paperwork for vendor payment

It is the responsibility of the Contract Administrator to make sure that the contract terms are followed.

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