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Meals and Catering

Business and Catered Meals must have approval from the department head as well as the College President or his/her designee before the event takes place.  It must have a substantive and bona fide business purpose deemed essential to the mission of the College.   In addition, the meals, whether supplied from internal or external sources, require forethought on the part of the purchaser because of the Commonwealth’s allowable cost per meal allowance. 

  • Central Virginia Community College will pay for or reimburse individuals for actual expenses incurred, up to allowable limits, for those meals that are deemed to fall under the definition of “business meals” as stated above.
  • In order to be approved, all requests for payment or reimbursement for business meals must be submitted in accordance with the CAPP Manual, Topic Number 20335, and utilizing Central Virginia Community College’s Business Meal Certification Form.  This includes an original itemized receipt, agenda of business discussed during the meal, and a listing of the persons attending the business meal.
  • All payments or reimbursements must be made using the established procedures published for the payment of goods and services through Accounts Payable.
  • If utilizing state funds, business meals may be paid only up to specific dollar limits per person per meal.  These limits depend on the locality where the meal is taken.  Current state limits are posted in the CAPP Manual, Topic 20335 under Meals and Incidental Travel MI&E.

State funds cannot be used to reimburse for the following expenses:

  • Alcohol – any expenses for alcohol during a business meal will NOT be paid from state funds.
  • Spouses – Spouses of business meal participants may attend a business meal, but their portion of the expense will NOT be paid from state funds.
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