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Small Purchase Charge Card

Small Purchase Charge Cards (SPCC) are issued to departments that make routine multiple purchases to promote efficiency. Cardholders are responsible for maintaining a log of all charge purchases using an Excel worksheet. The worksheet plus all backup documentation to include the P.O. request/or eVA submission, invoice, and receiving report as appropriate fulfills the documentation requirements for small purchases up to $5,000. Pre-approval by the CVCC Procurement Officer is not required. Use of the Small Purchase Charge Card indicates that the cardholder accepts responsibility that purchases are being made for official business purposes benefiting the College, comply with terms of state contracts, and that adequate budget balance is available in the account to be charged for the expenditure. Cardholders who do not have eVA access are limited to using the SPCC for point-of-sale purchases only which are exempt from eVA.

At the end of the billing cycle, each cardholder verifies the charges in AIS and these charges are approved by the cardholder's supervisor. Once the SPCC log is approved, the Procurement Manager prints out the reconciliation report and reviews it for obvious coding errors and potential inventory items. The reports and consolidated credit card statement are forwarded to the Business Manager to complete the automated ATV process to post the charges to AIS.

Small Purchase Charge Cards may not be used for lodging or travel expenses but may be used to pay registration fees and purchase airline or rail tickets in advance.

Being designated a Small Purchase Cardholder is a privilege.  Abuse or continued misuse of the card, or failure to maintain Card Purchase Logs completely and currently could result in having the Small Purchase Charge Card suspended.

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