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Travel Policy

All travel reimbursements are made in accordance with State Travel Regulations specified in CAPP Manual section 20335 - Travel.

Upon receipt in the Accounting Office, all travel vouchers are date stamped.  The Accounts Payable Officer reviews the travel voucher to ensure complete documentation (properly approved Travel Estimate Worksheet, lodging receipts, etc.), proper approvals, and accuracy of calculations. Charges are summarized to the appropriate department/campus numbers and account numbers. Travel Estimates (and/or vouchers) are forwarded to the VP for Finance and Administration for approval if it is determined that lodging will exceed the allowed per diem expenses (approval can be given for 150% of the lodging rate), total travel exceeds $500, or if the higher mileage is being claimed.  Once approved, vouchers are reviewed for payment processing through AIS.

After processing, the Voucher Batch Control Group batches are held until the following business day to be matched with the A/P Daily Diagnostics Report, Daily Diagnostics Posted to G/L Report, and Transmittal Listing.  Account numbers, amounts, vendor name, addresses, invoice date, invoice number, and due date are reviewed and necessary corrections are noted and recorded. The entire batch package (header, voucher batch control, voucher copy, and reports) is forwarded to the business manager for review and approval.  Approved batches and final accounting documents are filed in the Accounting Office.

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