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Digital Signage

Digital Signage (monitors) has been placed throughout the campus to inform the students, faculty, and staff of events on campus. The information on the monitors is maintained by the Student Activities Department and the hardware is maintained by the IT Department. Appropriate college information is defined as any material which pertains to campus functions, as well as campus information, and will be approved on that basis. This information should be sent to the Student Activities Coordinator to be approved and a media bulletin created. It is the policy of the College that no outside events be advertised on the digital signage. It is reserved for College information only.

Information should be submitted either in hard copy or digitally (PowerPoint is suggested) at least ten days before the event, and  every effort will be made to upload the bulletin within a 48-hour period.  For quicker turnaround in uploading information, submit bulletins in a jpeg format. Bulletins will continue to show on the monitors until the event is over or until the information is not pertinent.  Audio files are not accepted.

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