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Children in the Workplace

The purpose of this policy is to set the guidelines for the campus regarding children in the workplace.  For this policy, a child is defined as an individual under the age of 18 years who is not a student or employee of the College.


Children are not permitted in the workplace except under extremely unusual circumstances when an employee has experienced an unanticipated short-term emergency, and only when the employee’s supervisor has granted permission. The need to bring a child to campus must meet the following conditions :

  1. It must be urgent, compelling, not recurring and of short duration (no longer than half a day).
  2. The only alternative to bringing the child to campus is the employee’s absence from work.
  3. The College derives a clearly identifiable benefit from the employee being at work at that particular time.
  4. Arrangements for the safety and supervision of the child are satisfactory to the supervisor.
  5. The supervisor believes that the distractions to the employee and other workers are minimal.

Supervisors should be flexible in granting accrued leave to employees who need to make emergency child care arrangements.

This policy does not apply to specific campus events designed for family participation such as bring your son/daughter to work day, campus picnics, or other events.

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