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Checklists For Fair Use and TEACH Act

Fair Use
Please complete and retain a copy of this form in connection with each possible "fair use" of a copyrighted work for your project.

Name:_________________________________                                                Date:____________
Institution:______________________________ Prepared by:_________________________________
Favoring Fair Use                                                                          Opposing Fair Use
_ Teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use)             _ Commercial activity
_ Research                                                                                     _ Profiting from the use
_ Scholarship                                                                                 _ Entertainment
_ Nonprofit Educational Institution                                                 _ Bad-faith behavior
_ Criticism                                                                                      _ Denying credit to original author
_ Comment
_ News reporting
_ Transformative or Productive use (changes the work for new utility)
_ Restricted access (to students or other appropriate group)
_ Parody
Favoring Fair Use                                                                          Opposing Fair Use
_ Published work                                                                            _ Unpublished work
_ Factual or nonfiction based                                                         _ Highly creative work (art, music, novels, films, plays)
 _ Important to favored educational objectives                               _ Fiction
Favoring Fair Use                                                                         Opposing Fair Use
_ Small quantity                                                                            _ Large portion or whole work used
_ Portion used is not central                                                         _ Portion used is central to work or significant to
_ Amount is appropriate for favored educational purpose               entire work or "heart of work”
Favoring Fair Use                                                                        Opposing Fair Use
_ User owns lawfully acquired                                                     _ Could replace sale of copyrighted work
or purchased copy of original work                                              _ Significantly impairs market or potential
_ One or few copies made                                                              market for copyrighted work or derivative
_ No significant effect on the market or                                        _ Reasonably available licensing mechanism
potential market for copyrighted work                                             for use of the copyrighted work
_ No similar product marketed by the copyright holder                _ Affordable permission available for using work
_ Lack of licensing mechanism                                                    _ Numerous copies made
_ You made it accessible on Web or in other                              _ Repeated or long-term use
       public forum                             
(Based on a checklist from the Copyright Advisory Office of Columbia University, Kenneth D. Crews, director.)
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