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ID Badge and Building Access

Identification cards for faculty, staff,and students are issued in Bedford Hall at the Library front desk. For members of the faculty and staff, these cards serve as a  proximity card to gain access to College academic buildings on the main campus outside of normal business hours.  A new employee must complete his/her new hire paperwork which initiates the process for the employee to be granted a CVCC email account, access to CVCC IT services, and activation of the employee ID and proximity card for access to academic facilities based on his/her job duties.

The exterior doors on the CVCC main campus are equipped with electronic devices which allow the doors to be electronically locked and unlocked. Additionally these devices allow access via the proximity card holders outside of normal College business hours. In general, normal College operating hours are 7:00 am until 10:00 pm Monday through Thursday and Friday until 7:00 pm, or until classes or events conclude.

Bedford Hall is open on Saturdays from 9:00 am until 1:00 pm to provide library services. These hours are altered during College holidays. Off-site centers are not equipped with proximity card readers.  All arrangements to gain access after hours to the off-site centers should be made with the off-site center staff. 

Several interior areas on campus are electronically controlled. Access to these areas is granted on an “as needed basis”. If an employee requires access to these areas as a part of his or her normal job duties, his/her supervisor will contact the Office of Public Safety at extension 7700.

All employees who have difficulty with their access cardshould complete an online issue track at security@cvcc.vccs.eduThey should note the date, time of day, and behavior of the door and reader when reporting difficulties. For example, did the light on the reader turn red or green when the door would not open?

Access to CVCC Fitness Center Facilities

The Fitness Facilities as well as the adjacent locker rooms in Amherst Hall are equipped with electronic access control devices. To obtain access to these facilities during normal operating hours, employees must complete a CVCC Assumption of Risk Form. New employees may obtain and sign this form during employee orientation. Please allow at leastthree business days for the form to be processed.

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