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Parking Permits

Each college employee (with the exception of work-study students) are eligible for faculty-staff parking permits must obtain parking permits.  Failure to display a permit will result in a parking citation. Employees should come to the Campus Police Office and register upon employment at the college.  If more than one vehicle is used at different times, the decal must be transferred to the operated vehicle. On occasion when an employee has forgotten their decal, a temporary permit may be obtained.  Decals must be returned to the CVCC Campus Police Office upon termination of any employee.

Guests of the college can obtain One Day/Temporary permit from the Campus Police Office, which will allow them to park in a Faculty parking area. Visitor parking areas have a time limit of thirty (30) minutes.

Handicapped plates and placards are issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Employees who feel they require Handicapped parking should consult their physician for the proper forms requesting plates or placards.

Drivers are required to park their vehicles within the parking lines which denote the parking space. Violators will be ticketed.

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