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Contractor & Vendor Access and Identification Procedure

Purpose: To provide the CVCC staff, students and visitors the level of safety and security it deserves and to allow contractors and vendors a safe and orderly process while performing their activities at CVCC the following procedures shall be followed;

The department or individual that request or require a repair/service that involves an on campus visit of an external contractor/vendor shall notify the public safety/police office prior to the vendor reporting to campus. The notification shall include the contractor/vendor information, such as company name, estimated time of arrival, purpose for visit and the building/locations they will be working.  Additionally, the requestor shall inform the contractor/vendor or service technician to report to the public safety office upon arrival at CVCC.

All service technicians, vendors, contractors and sub-contractors vehicles without the company decals/logos or other distinguishable markings  that will be parked on College property, must have a " Temporary Parking Pass" The temporary passes can be obtained at the Campus Police Dispatch window located in the Amherst Hall, Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.  

All Contractors, sub-contractors, service technicians and vendors shall obtain a CVCC ID card from the Central Virginia Community College Police Department, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Any individual found on the campus without his/her ID card may be removed from the work site until an ID card is obtained or produced. It is the contractors/vendors responsibility to return the ID cards to the Police Department once the repair/service is completed. Failure to return the ID card will result in a $20.00 fee.

It is the responsibility of the contractor/vendor to make sure that no registered Sex offenders are employed on any of the contractor/vendors jobs or provide unaccompanied services on CVCC properties.

It is the responsibility of the contractor/vendor to make sure that all employees are legal citizens with appropriate documentation while working at CVCC.

Contractors/Vendors performing jobs and/or providing services with durations longer than five consecutive days (40 hours) must provide CVCC documentation regarding compliance with the sex-offender and legal aliens’ provision outlined in this procedure.

Contractors/vendors whom are required to disrupt alarms in any facility on campus must notify the CVCC Police Department at least 2 hours in advance to work out the details regarding maintaining the safety/security of the facility and to assure that appropriate documentation and planning for such outage is completed.

All contractors/vendors performing any service or work for CVCC are expected to take appropriate measures when disrupting normal traffic patterns and/or requesting street closures for more than a few minutes. Contractors/vendors must communicate with the CVCC Public Safety Department via the College Project Coordinator at least 4 hours prior to the closure or disruption.

All traffic disruptions must be coordinated through the College Project Administrator. The contractor/vendor requiring the disruption must provide Flagmen or adhere to instructions provided by CVCC Police Department.

All traffic disruptions that have duration longer those ten (10) minutes must be coordinated with the CVCC Police Department. A minimum of a two business days’ notice is required for significant traffic disruptions or a significant change in normal traffic patterns. The Police Department will assess the situation and will provide the measures to be taken by the contractor to ensure public safety. This can include the need for police control of the situation at the contractor's expense.

All Contractors, Service Technicians and Vendors working in CVCC facilities are required to have an identifiable CVCC ID card in their possession during the project. All CVCC issued ID cards must be returned to campus police prior to the individual(s) leaving campus each day, unless an exception is granted by CVCC Chief of Police or his designee.

*** Faculty and Staff are encouraged and are expected to promptly report any suspicious and/or unknown person(s) whom appear to be providing a service, working on the campus or who request access to a secure location or any area/location not normally open to the general public and/or who request procedural, mechanical or technical information regarding such a location or anyone without proper ID to campus police.
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