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Electrical Safety

General Policies

No unauthorized person shall tamper with electrical breaker boxes, alter existing wiring, or install electrical wiring.

Combustible material shall not be placed within 18 inches of a light bulb.

Extension Cords

Extension cords and electrical appliance wiring shall be maintained in good repair and must bear the Underwriter Laboratory (UL) label or meet standards of the National Fire Protection Association Code 70.

All electric cords shall be properly grounded when in use. Under no circumstances shall any extension cord or electrical cord be spliced.
Use of temporary multiple outlets is prohibited.


Only appliances bearing the UL label shall be connected to the electrical system. Appliances that are deemed unsafe shall be removed.

Hot plates, coffee pots, electric irons, and other heating equipment shall be placed on noncombustible surfaces. The appliances will not be closer than 18 inches to any combustible wall unless the surface of the wall is shielded by a metal or noncombustible substance.

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