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Power Mowers and Related Equipment

The following rules will apply when power mowers or other related equipment are being used at CVCC:

  1. Area to be cut should be examined for loose objects such as tins, pieces of wire, or other objects.
  2. The engine will be cut off when filling equipment with gasoline.
  3. No smoking will be permitted when refueling equipment.
  4. Suitable foot, eye, and head protection will be worn when operating power mowers.
  5. Slopes that are too steep for a machine will be avoided.
  6. Feet and hands will not be placed under machine while in operation.
  7. Fuel will be carried in approved safety cans.

Eye and Face Protection:

Employees shall be provided with eye and face protection equipment when machines or other operations present potential eye or face injury.
Face and eye protection equipment shall be kept clean and in good repair.

Hearing Protection:  

In areas where noise levels are above the prescribed permissible levels, administrative controls will be employed to reduce the noise to safe levels. Where such controls are not feasible, personal protective equipment will be provided and used.

Head Protection:

Employees working in areas where there is a danger of head injury caused by falling or flying objects shall wear protective helmets.

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