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CVCC Governance

The purpose of the CVCC Governance Model is to provide a structure for decision-making that offers opportunities for all groups of stakeholders to participate. Additionally, the CVCC Governance Model supports the College’s mission statement.

The goals of the CVCC Governance model are to

  • Foster an efficient and democratic process for decision making,
  • Provide a broad-based understanding of the decision-making process,
  • Examine policies and procedures across departments,
  • Promote and enhance coordination among all stakeholders, and
  • Encourage effective practices in meeting the goals of the College.

The objectives of the CVCC Governance model are to

  • Establish an efficient and democratic process for decision making;
  • Include members from all stakeholder groups;
  • Ensure broad-based understanding by providing consistent, accurate, and timely information to the College community;
  • Maintain open communication between administrators, faculty, and staff through consistent interaction during the decision-making process;

Ensure participation of stakeholders who are interested in or are “subject matter experts” as well as those charged with responsibility for proposing or implementing policies and programs.

The Governance Model for CVCC can be found here.

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