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​Part-time Association

CVCC Part-Time Staff Association
Article I - NAME
Section I
The name of this association shall be CVCC Part-Time Staff Association (PTSA), consisting of the part-time staff employees of Central Virginia Community College (CVCC).


Section 1a – Association Objectives
The objectives of the CVCC Part-time Staff Association shall be to:
  1. Promote professional development and educational opportunities with meetings featuring guest speakers or PTSA members presenting topics of interest to part-time staff
  2. Seek ways to serve to the CVCC community
  3. Have meeting topics of interest to part-time staff
Section 1b – Governance Objectives
Further, in accordance with the Governance Model, as a Constituency Group, the PTSA shall have the following objectives:
  1. Create a forum to discuss concerns pertinent to part-time staff
  2. Disseminate information from and to the part-time staff
  3.  Discuss proposed new policies and/or policy changes as they affect part-time staff
  4. Develop policies that are applicable to part-time staff
  5. Promote communication between part-time staff and administration, faculty, classified staff, students, and off-site centers


Section 1 – Open Membership
Membership in the Association shall be open to any CVCC part-time staff employee, with no fees, dues, or other requirements.


Section 1 – Amendments
The constitution may be amended at any regular meeting of the Association by a majority vote, a quorum being present, provided the amendment(s) has (have) been distributed to the membership at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting date. Notice of the proposed amendment may be circulated by E-mail, or by publication in the Daily Bulletin.


CVCC Part-Time Staff Association
PTSA meetings shall be open to all members of the CVCC community, including students, full-time staff, and faculty, in accordance with the Governance Model. Only part-time staff have a vote in a PTSA meeting.
Section 1 – Regular Meetings

As the PTSA is part of the CVCC Governance Model, the regular meeting dates, times, and locations are set prior to the beginning of the academic year by the Governance Council, for Fall and Spring semesters.

Section 2 – Special Meetings

Special meetings may be called by the Chair or at the request of ten percent (10%) of the membership, provided two working days' notice is given to all members. Meetings during the Summer semester shall be special meetings and are not required.

Section 3 – Agenda

The Chair shall be responsible for the posting of an agenda to the PTSA via E-mail one week prior to the scheduled meeting. Any part-time employee may ask to add items to the agenda, and the Chair may add them to the agenda by distributing via E-mail one day before the meeting.

Section 4 – Record of Attendance

The minutes of each meeting shall show the names of the members present. Only officers missing will be listed as absent.

Section 5 – Attendance at Meetings

Attendance by PTSA officers is required at all PTSA meetings, schedules permitting. Officers should alert the Chair before the meeting if they cannot attend. Unexcused absence from three consecutive meetings shall be grounds for removal from office, subject to majority vote of the members present. Attendance by any part-time employee is strongly encouraged.

The officers of the CVCC Part-Time Staff Association consist of a Chair, a Vice Chair, a Recorder, and a Treasurer.
Section 1 – Election of Officers
  1. Per the Governance Model, elections are held at the last meeting of the Spring semester, with the officers immediately assuming their offices for one-year terms
  2. A committee consisting of at least three persons appointed by the Chair shall nominate officers
  3. There shall be at least one candidate for each office
  4. A committee consisting of at least three persons appointed by the Chair may nominate additional candidates for each office
Section 2 – Vacancies in Office
If a vacancy other than the Presidency occurs in any office, the vacancy shall be filled at the next meeting via nominations from the floor, and immediate voting shall follow. The PTSA Chair has the option to fill vacancies occurring sixty or fewer days before regular elections.
Section 3 – Chair
The Chair shall serve a one-year term. The functions of the Chair shall be to:
  1. Preside at all meetings of the PTSA
  2. Represent the PTSA at meetings of the President’s Cabinet, Governance Council, and other groups as appropriate
  3. Appoint required PTSA committees as needed
  4. Assure that the PTSA is represented in the Governance Model, as stated in Article III, Section 2
  5. Assure open communication between the PTSA and the CVCC Community
  6. Perform all other duties pertaining to the office of the Chair
Section 4 – Vice Chair
The Vice-Chair shall serve a one-year term. The function of the Vice-Chair 
shall be to:
  1. Serve in the absence of the Chair
  2. Serve as a member of the Vice President’s cabinet
  3. Chair the Election Committee
  4. Assist the Chair in assuring that the lines of communication between the PTSA and the CVCC Community remain open
  5. EPerform such other duties as may be assigned by the Chair
  6. In the case of the resignation, or inability, of the Chair to complete his or her term, the Vice-Chair automatically becomes Chair for the unexpired term
Section 5 – Recorder
The Recorder shall serve a one-year term. The functions of the Recorder shall be to:
  1. Maintain accurate records, including attendance, of all meetings of the PTSA
  2. Post minutes to Communication Central as soon as possible after the membership approves minutes
  3. Prepare reports of recommendations on policy actions for presentation
  4. Perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Chair or membership
  5. Receive the bank statement and reconcile with the Treasurer’s Report
Section 6 – Treasurer
The Treasurer shall serve a one-year term. The functions of the Treasurer shall be to:
  1. Maintain accurate financial records for the PTSA
  2. Report current balances in each meeting, or provide the Treasurer’s report to the Chair before the meeting
  3. Make deposits of funds to the PTSA account as soon as possible after receipt
  4. Make disbursements of PTSA funds when needed, as approved by the membership in a meeting
  5. The highest-ranking officer in attendance of a meeting will inform, within two business days, absent officers of all business discussed
  6. Any money received by fundraising/donation must be counted and documented at the conclusion of the event by two part-time members and given to the Treasurer to deposit within two business days of receipt. In the event that the Treasurer is not available, the funds should be turned over to another officer to be deposited
  7. Reconcile the bank statement with the Recorder


Section 1 – Special Committees of the PTSA

Special committees shall be established as the need arises. Committees may deal with specific activities, such as fundraising, or prepare proposals from the PTSA to the Governance Council

Section 2 – Governance Committees
Governance Committees exist in order to deal with continuing institutional issues. The size and composition of committees are set by the Governance Council, and/or by the individual committees. Part-time staff representation on a Governance Committee shall constitute active membership in the PTSA. If any issues discussed in these committees specifically affect the concerns of part-time staff, the committee member should report directly to the Chair of the PTSA and/or the membership in the next regular meeting of the PTSA.
  1. Members may not serve consecutive terms on a particular Governance Committee
  2. Prior to April 1 of each year, the Chair shall identify those members whose terms have expired and therefore are not currently eligible for membership on that Governance Committee
  3. The Chair will identify willing part-time staff to serve in committee positions soon to be vacated
  4. Each committee’s membership table, found on Communication Central, will indicate the positions becoming vacant for the upcoming academic year
  5. To ensure maximum participation in College Governance, whenever possible, constituency groups should avoid having a single member serve on more than one policy or program committee
  6. No individual may serve as chair of any committee for more than two consecutive years.
  7. The Chair must forward updated membership lists to the CGC recorder by May 1 of each year


Section 1 – Amendments
These bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting (as defined in Article 1, Section 1 of these bylaws) by a majority of those present and voting, provided notice of the proposed amendment(s) has been given to all members at least ten (10) days before the meeting at which it will be presented. 
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