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State Board for Community Colleges

The State Board for Community Colleges is the governing body of the Virginia Community College System. Appointed by the Governor for up to two four-year terms, the board’s 15 members meet six times a year to set policy for all of Virginia’s Community Colleges. Their responsibilities include the following: 

  • Preparing and administering a plan of standards and policies to establish, develop, administer, and supervise the community colleges. A principal objective of this plan is to ensure that appropriate educational opportunities—and excellent curricula—are available throughout the state

  •  Controlling and spending funds—both state appropriations and awards from outside public and private entities—and establishing tuition fees and charges.

  • Conferring diplomas, certificates, and associate’s degrees

  • Establishing policies for creating and operating a community college board for each community college, which helps determine local educational needs and enlists community involvement and support.

  •  Communicating with the Governor, General Assembly, Secretary of Education, and officials of other agencies and higher education organizations about issues that affect the community colleges’ mission, policies, programs, and funding.

Visit the State Board for Community Colleges for more information.

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